Episode 27: When Is a Rose Not a Rose?

This week we feature something very lovely indeed: Paul Brians delivers a lecture on the history of the rose in art.

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There Is No Rose of Such Virtue
Mediaeval Song, by James J. Wilhelm
David Camden’s translation of Florus
Thomas Parnell’s translation of “The Vigil of Venus”
Fragonard’s The Sacrifice of the Rose
Sting’s interpretation of “Come away, come, sweet love”
John McCormack: “Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes”

Episode 26: The English Language and Its Non-Errors (Part 3)

This week we conclude our discussion of non-errors.

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Paul Brians’ page of non-errors
The AP changes its mind about “hopefully”
Grammar Girl analyzes “Think Different”

Bonus (Paul’s “spitting image”):


Episode 23: We Could Be Antiheroes

Is there a difference between an antihero and a villain? How about a hero and a protagonist?

This week Paul Brians explains these literary terms and talks about Dostoyevsky’s Underground Man.

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hero/protagonist (from Common Errors in English Usage)
heroin/heroine (from Common Errors in English Usage)
Study Guide for Dostoyevsky: Notes from Underground
Can Dostoevsky Still Kick You in the Gut?
Full text: Notes from the Underground
Full text: Invisible Man, by Ralph Ellison
“A Tale from Underground,” by Wright Morris