Episode 36: Shall We Banish Some Words?

This week we talk about words some of us would like to do without. Our verdict: If you don’t like them, don’t use them.

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“Some words deserve a comeback. Others need to die.”
The complete list of words to banish at Lake Superior State University
Philip Corbett’s New York Times feature “After Deadline”

One thought on “Episode 36: Shall We Banish Some Words?

  1. The problem of killing some words is the existence of the old literatures and document.
    The other problem is decreasing pool of words for future poets and writers.
    The third is million of foriegners who immigrate to US or visit US and have used and are going to use those words when the come to US.
    Net, I vote no to killing less used words and let natural selection do the job.
    GHC, PhD
    Senior Statistician
    Kind of poet !


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